How Do I Wash My Car After Ceramic Coating?

How Do I Wash My Car After Ceramic Coating?

As car lovers, we at Extreme Detail know that you will do what it takes to maintain the condition of your vehicle. One of the best ways of doing this is via a ceramic coating, which protects your vehicle from external paint damage. We are one of the best in the business within Kansas City, and you can trust us to take care of your ride, as we want to provide you with some tips on washing your car once it receives a ceramic coating!

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Do Not Use an Automatic Car Wash

This is by far the fastest way to ruin your vehicle's ceramic coating. The brushes and mops found within these car washes will not clean softly and cause significant scratches, wearing off the protective layer. Also, the soap these machines use is often pH aggressive, which can cause considerable chemical damage to the coating.

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Use a pH Neutral Car Shampoo

As mentioned, high pH levels within car shampoo can cause chemical damage to your vehicle. Find one with no added wax, as this too can work against the protection. You do not need a harsh shampoo to clean the surface of your car since the ceramic coating is the first exposed layer, so a gentle pH shampoo will work best!

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Two Bucket Method for Best Results

This washing method involves using one bucket for soaking your washcloths with cleaner, while the other is used to clean the cloth with only water after being used on each section of your car. This method can often reduce swirl marks and produce the best wash results!

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Avoid Washing in Direct Sunlight

The heat from direct sunlight is terrible for ceramic coatings, especially for darker shaded vehicles. Wash your car in a shady area, on a cloudy day, early in the morning, or close to sunset for the best results. Sunlight will also dry soap out quickly, making for unpleasant water spots and streaks.

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