What Does Ceramic Pro Protect Against?

What Does Ceramic Pro Protect Against?

Are you considering trying our Ceramic Pro services, but aren’t sure what it protects against? Extreme Detail by Car Deets is here to help! We rounded up the top things that Ceramic Pro helps to protect your vehicle’s paint against. Learn more about our Ceramic Pro services today and continue reading to find out what protection you’re getting!

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Water, Dirt, and Grime

Some of the most important things that Ceramic Pro offers vehicle paint protection against are water, dirt or debris, and grime. Ceramic Pro works by giving your vehicle hydrophobic properties that cause water, dirt, and grime to slide right off.


Road Salt and Other Hazardous Elements

In Kansas City, we do have road salt and other hazardous elements on the road — depending on the season — that can ruin your vehicle’s paint. Our Ceramic Pro services can help you maximize your vehicle paint protection; get a free quote today!

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Minor Scratches

At Extreme Detail by Car Deets, we know that minor scratches can happen to anyone and they are something that no one likes. The Ceramic Pro 9H product that we offer within our services is the most durable and heavy-duty paint protection on the market so you can prevent those pesky minor scratches.

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Bugs and Insect Acid

Ceramic Pro 9H also helps to prevent any damage and protect against insect acid and bugs on your car. We know how hard bugs can be to get off your car without damaging the paint, that’s why Ceramic Pro can help by preventing and protecting against this damage.

At Extreme Detail by Car Deets, we can help you get the best vehicle paint protection for your car. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality services that you can trust in the greater Kansas City area. Start protecting your vehicle’s paint and learn more about our Ceramic Pro services today!

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