How Often Should You Detail Your Vehicle?

How Often Should You Detail Your Vehicle?

Taking your car to the car wash and giving it a quick vacuum once a month isn’t enough to remove the dirt, stains, and dust that accumulate in your interior and engine. Getting a thorough detail done every four to six months is what you need to keep your car looking new. Extreme Detail by Car Deets in Kansas City gets the job done by providing car detailing that cleans your carpets, upholstery, hard surfaces, and windows. We even protect your exterior and engine with our Premium Deluxe and Ultimate Deluxe packages. Check out these four reasons to get your ride detailed today.

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Preserve Your Upholstery

Long road trips, regular meals, kids, and pets all take a toll on your vehicle's upholstery. Stains and crumbs pile up over time and become harder to remove. With regular seat cleaning and conditioning from our professional car detailers, you can prevent small messes from turning into big problems.

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Extend Your Car's Lifespan

Our Ultimate Deluxe cleaning package includes an engine compartment detail that can keep your car running optimally. When your engine is free of dust and dirt, it doesn’t have to work as hard, allowing it to run at a lower temperature. Waiting to get this basic form of vehicle maintenance done can put strain on the car that could lead to more repairs in the future.

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Improve the Air Quality Inside Your Vehicle

There are only a handful of spaces in your car that are touched regularly. All the other ones, like the dashboard, vents, and all the gaps on your entertainment system, are prime spots for dust to collect. By detailing your car every few months, you can prevent this dust from accumulating and circulating through your air system, impacting your air quality.

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Preserve the Resale Value

Nobody wants to buy a car that looks and feels used. By having your car detailed every four to six months, you can prevent any regular wear and tear from accumulating and keep your car looking new. To further preserve its resale value, protect its exterior by adding our Ceramic Pro or Clear Bra packages to give your paint a protective barrier from road debris, insect acid, and rock chips.

Get the most out of your vehicle with regular car detailing by Extreme Detail by Car Deets in Kansas City.

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