4 Lesser-Known Benefits of Tinted Windows

4 Lesser-Known Benefits of Tinted Windows

Tinted vehicle windows have an interesting reputation amongst the general public. Many people believe that the only real reason to tint your car’s windows is to increase privacy, but tinted windows offer other benefits that all vehicle owners should be aware of.

Extreme Detail by Car Deets of Kansas City is your source for window tinting services in the Heart of America. Keep reading to learn four lesser-known benefits of tinted windows, and get a free quote for your vehicle today!

Helps Preserve Your Vehicles Interior.jpg

Helps Preserve Your Vehicle’s Interior

Frequent exposure to the sun’s UV rays can take a toll on your vehicle’s interior. Tinting your windows provides serious protection for your seats, dashboard, and trim, keeps them from cracking or fading and extends the life of your vehicle’s interior.

Protects Your Skin.jpg

Protects Your Skin

Those same UV rays that can damage your car’s interior over time can also be harmful to your skin. Few people think about how sunlight affects their skin while driving, but long hours on the road can add up to harmful levels of UV exposure. Tinted windows create a protective barrier around your vehicle that shields you from UV rays.

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Improved Comfort

Of course, less sunlight means a cooler, more comfortable interior — something we can all appreciate during the hottest and most humid months of the year. Professional window tinting services can make traveling in your vehicle a more comfortable, pleasant experience year-round.

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Better Gas Mileage

A cooler interior means less reliance on air conditioning. Many of our car window tinting customers are delighted to discover that by running their air conditioner less, they can get better gas mileage out of their vehicle.

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