4 Benefits Of Window Tinting

4 Benefits Of Window Tinting

Besides adding a stylish look to your vehicle, window tinting can offer you numerous benefits that enhance your driving experience. We spend a significant amount of time within our cars, so it only makes sense to make this time as comfortable as can be, and we at Extreme Detail by Car Deets are here to help those within the greater Kansas City area do just that! Our car window tinting experts know how to get the job done right the first time, and we are sure to leave your vehicle looking amazing! Keep reading to learn about the benefits window tinting offers, and if you want to have this service done, contact us today!



There is nothing more annoying than feeling as if you are inside a fishbowl when driving down the road. Window tinting comes in a wide variety of shading options, all of which offer you different levels of privacy. Due to the dark tone tinting provides to your windows, you will never have to worry about someone looking into your vehicle again. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your valuables are protected when you step away from your car, as nobody will be able to tell what you store inside!


Helps With The Heat

With the summer months being right around the corner, you must prepare for the immense heat that comes along with the season. Window tinting can help keep your car cool, as the sun causes temperature buildup inside the vehicle. The shaded windows also help block harmful UV rays from entering the interior, helping you avoid potential sunburns or other skin damage. Since window tinting will help keep your car cool, there will be less need for your air conditioner, helping you save money on fuel consumption as well!


Protects Your Interior

There is nothing worse than realizing that the interior of your vehicle is starting to fade away. This not only takes away from its functionality but also negatively impacts the car's overall style. You want your vehicle to last you as long as possible, and our window tinting in KC can help. The shading window tinting provides can help reduce sun damage, as harmful UV rays can fade upholstery and discolor leather and vinyl seats. Prolonged heat exposure can also cause your interior to crack or warp, which is never a look you want to have. Protect your large investment with our services today!


Shattered Glass Safety

Although we hope this never occurs to you, car crashes happen every single day. One of the most dangerous aspects of crashes is when the glass of your vehicle shatters, as it often breaks into numerous small pieces that can cause great harm to passengers. Window tinting can help protect you against the shattered glass, as the film placed on each window will help keep broken glass intact in case of an emergency. This help to reduce the risk of injury, which is always something you want when operating a vehicle!

If you are a vehicle owner within the greater Kansas City area and are interested in tinting your windows, look no further than working with us at Extreme Detail by Car Deets. Our professionals have years of experience and will give your car a long-lasting, high-quality window tinting service. Take advantage of the numerous benefits tinting has to offer, as they are sure to enhance your daily driving experience. Check us out online for more information, or to find out more about the other services we have available!